Splat! It’s Woodsball!

hunting with paint

There are those days when you go camping or find yourself in a cabin with a group of friends, where there is no tv and the cell phone reception is terrible. Well, there is a fun, adventurous, physically enjoyable game/sport you can play to pass the time. Paintball is a sport that is played almost the same as military combat. The participants are split into teams, when you are then required to shoot members of the rival team(s) with balls of paint fired from a special gun. Once a person has been shot, they are eliminated from the game. The paint leaves quite a mess on the victim so the other team knows they’ve been hit and therefore eliminated.

paintball hit

In order for you to play the game, you require a paintball gun (or marker), paintballs, a face mask, a loader and a compressed-air tank to power the marker. Also useful are boots, overalls, padding, and gloves to reduce chances of physical injuries. Paintballing has low chances of receiving any serious injury, as the propellant does not generate enough force to cause physical harm. The main problem that could be encountered is minor physical injuries such as bruises, sprains or eye injuries. In other unique cases, the injuries may be caused by defective products or a negligent rival shooting you in the wrong spot. The terrain could also be an issue, as the woods may have cliffs, sharp drops or trees with big roots that can trip the players.

group of players for woodsball

There are various types of paintball games, the most common being capture the flag. For these games, there are different strategies to use, including:

Flanking – Split your team and advance on both sides of the oppressors. They will either be shot or they will fall back and lose the front protection.

Leap-frogging – Involves covering you teammates while they advance. Communication is vital in this area to know who is covering and who is moving ahead.

Retreat – You can always withdraw and re-position yourself (or your team) for a better chance to ambush the opposing team later.

Find cover – The trees will offer cover for players on both sides. The trick, however, is to hide colored equipment such as guns and masks. You can also set up barriers to hide behind.

Runners – This strategy focuses on the fastest in the group, who are tasked with getting the flag quickly. As soon as the game starts, two or three runners will set out separately to head for the flag.

Paintballing can be done for fun and adventure with family or friends. It can also be done as a form of exercise, as the running burns calories and improves blood circulation. It is a good way of socializing in camps or get-togethers and anniversaries. Paintballing is a sport which can be used to teach the importance of teamwork and strategy among different teams. It also nurtures constructive competition as the main aim of the game is to outlast the rivals.

Running while shooting

For people n the military, paintball can be used as target practice, to work on speed and the importance of communication in the field. So the next time you are planning a trip to the woods or you need a recreational activity, acquire the equipment and enjoy paintballing with your companions. Happy hunting! Here’s a video of good gun/mask setups for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money to begin with: