How The New Garage Floor Changed My Outdoor Experience

After an eventful week or month at work, nothing makes me feel better than spending a couple days in the woods. Being away from the stressful city life and breathing the unending fresh air feels so satisfying and refreshing, doesn’t it? While there, I enjoy taking part in a wide range of outdoor activities including biking, boating, kayaking, hiking, and (when I have time) camping.

To get the best outdoor experience and to protect them from stains and scratches, I like to keep my outdoor equipment clean and well maintained. For the longest time, however, I used to find cleaning too stressful, particularly because I used to do it from the outside. Besides finding the garage unsafe, due to its dirty nature, I always feared that the paint on the floor could peel off once the corrosive lubricants I use on my equipment spilled over.

I couldn’t have been happier when my good friend, with whom I go hiking and biking with, gave me the secret of cleaning my equipment in the garage without destroying the floor. Just like he recommended, I had an epoxy floor installation in San Diego (in my garage) recently and the experience I’ve had so far is nothing short of awesome. Here is why:

1. The Floor Is Hard, Thick, and Resilient – It is not strange for me to drop my bike when washing it. Sometimes I find myself dropping the water bucket as I try to prevent the bike from falling. Of course, I try my best to avoid that, but it happens either way. The good thing is that, whereas I worry about the bike, I am assured that the floor is hard enough and will not crack on impact.


My Garage

2. It’s Resistant To Bacteria – Bacteria and germs cannot just be washed away when it comes to kayaking. Bird droppings, rust, and seaweed are all possible sources of bacteria. I have nothing to worry though, because my epoxy garage floor is easy to sanitize and clean. What’s more? The floor is not damaged by the different types of oil or grease that I use with my kayak. The lube I use on my bicycle chain, on the other hand, contains chemicals that can peel off ordinary paint, but epoxy is not affected.

3. It’s Resistant To Water And Heat – Epoxy floors are not affected by the chemicals in water or heat. Whenever I use hot water to wash my sleeping bags, backpacks (not all are made for the washing machine), camping tents, or hiking boots, I am confident that the floor will remain intact, due to its high resistance of heat and hot substances. Being moisture resistant also means that I have an easier time cleaning the floor during the winter when icy brines collect on my equipment and spill all over the garage. A little water is enough to get the floor as shiny as new.

4. They Can Be Slippery, But I Fixed That – Epoxy floors can be slippery, especially when wet. In my case, I coated the surface with a slip resistant aggregate that adds friction and eliminates my chances of skidding while doing my cleaning. The outside soil can get slippery when it rains, but my epoxy floor keeps me safe at all times, not to mention the minimized chances of dust collecting on my equipment.

5. Increased Visibility – Epoxy shines light off the floor, thus increasing visibility in the garage. The implication of this is that I don’t have to keep the lights on when doing my cleaning. Economically speaking, this is pretty much like cleaning from the outside, but considering the labor involved to move the equipment back inside afterwards, then the garage becomes the obvious choice.

6. After-Cleaning Maintenance Practices – I have made it a priority to apply carnauba wax on my boat’s surface and applying teak oil before embarking on a boating expedition. As for the kayak, I like to spray it with aerospace plastic protectant once in a while to protect it from harsh environmental conditions out there. Such practices dust and stain the floor.

carnauba wax

As aforementioned, knowing that my epoxy garage floor will still shine, even after my cleaning, makes me want to do it more and more. Are you struggling with cleaning your outdoor equipment from outside, perhaps because you don’t want to damage your garage floor? Install an epoxy floor and you will definitely see the difference!