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According to historical records, it is believed that archery has been in existence longer than we might think. Archery was practiced for combat and hunting purposes. It has since evolved into a modern recreational sport. We will essentially cover the basics that you need to know when learning archery.

Brief History Of Archery

The word archery comes from the Latin word ‘arcus’. It is believed that the oldest sign of using the bow and arrow may have been in Europe. Bows and arrows have likewise been present in Egyptian culture dating back to its predystanic origins. Archery became highly advanced in Asia later on and has gradually but steadily evolved into a modern competitive sport and a means of recreation.


How To Start Learning Archery

For anyone interested in giving archery a shot, the bow and arrow may be intimidating at first glance. But before you muster up the courage to try it out, there are key things to consider that will aid you greatly as you begin.

Firstly, identify a club that you can take classes from. Secondly, you should ensure that you buy or rent the correct equipment that assures safety, as this cannot be overlooked. Also, find a bow that fits you perfectly.

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Master the basics of archery and try out various target types and angles. This cannot be emphasized enough, but practice, practice, practice. Do this as much as you can once you get started to quickly transform into a decent archer.

Qualities Of A Good Archery Coach

The game of archery has, in the recent past, increased in popularity, hence the rise in the number of archery coaches. How can you find a good and efficient coach and what should you consider before paying for lessons? This is the common question always asked by archers.

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To find a coach that can effectively assist you in this regard, you must first establish your need. The coach that will best suit you depends on whether you are an aspiring or advanced archer. For the advanced archers, getting a coach to help you out will require that you search far and wide, as these coaches are not easy to come by. The reverse is true for the aspiring elite beginner.

The first thing that you will need to check are their credentials. While the experienced and credentialed coaches may not be exactly what you are looking for, you are better placed knowing that you are in good hands. It is also important to ask for references, as this will give you an inside scope on what to expect while training with him/her.

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If they have had successful students in the past, chances are high that you will also be on the list of the successful students. Another feature to guide you while in the search for your preferred coach is the fees and availability. Are the fees reasonable and can you afford it? Can the coach avail himself/herself frequently or occasionally? Considering these factors is a sure way to finding yourself a good and reliable archery coach.

In summation, archery is a recreational sport that can help with mental fitness, enhance focus and is fun and enjoyable. It is a sure way to improve your overall life.